About Amallu

Amallu strives to make MEDIA SOCIAL.

Amallu revolutionizes online viewing by providing one platform to stream live videos and socialize in real-time.

Quite simply, you can stream video and chat within the same platform. The idea is to re-create a virtual living room experience with friends and family. You can even connect with strangers from anywhere in the world who share your viewing interests in sports, religion, political debates, trending videos, etc. Watch what you want or check out what your Amallu social network is watching and join in.

Multiple ways to interact within Amallu for a complete social viewing experience:

  • Chat publicly with anyone watching a specific video
  • Chat privately
  • Form chat groups
  • Video or audio chat with up to five people
  • Share/exchange files and stickers
  • Play games

Amallu: Making media social.

Amallu’s story

After a long day of work, you come home to relax. You find yourself sitting on the couch, aimlessly flipping through the channels, not sure what to watch. Then you realize it’s boring to watch by yourself. You ponder your childhood and all the TV shows, cartoons and movies that you watched with family and friends. Miss the fun?

Think also of those days when you met up at the local sports bar to grab a beer and chill with friends and strangers who shared the common goal of watching your team win on one of the many big-screen TVs.

Ever done it virtually? This is how Amallu began.

In 2016, a group of friends watched Super Bowl 50 from different locations around the world and the only way they could socialize was to call each other by phone, text and use WhatsApp. They lacked the bonding experience of watching the game together in real-time. What they needed was a virtual chill zone where they could socialize and joke while watching the game.

Through Amallu, members can view content and socialize at the same time, creating a virtual living room. With Amallu, siblings can make comments as they stream their favorite show or movie together; extended families can log-in to watch a live stream of wedding festivities; and old friends can hold virtual drinking parties while enjoying their favorite sporting highlights or awards show recaps.

Soon, we’ll add the ability to play simple games while you watch and chat.

Log on, tune in and get social!

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